Entrepreneurship is more than a fad, it's a tool.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP  is no longer a luxury, it's a NECESSITY.

   To elevate and secure our community, we have to change the way we view ownership, and entrepreneurship. ​

   We must educate and elevate in order to get out of the rat race. ​

   Wealth creation is done through not only education but execution of that Education.

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Become A

What will you learn in Th3 Conglomerate?


   Traditional education sometimes gets a bad rep because of its lack of practicality. You know how they say, "you have a business professor who never owned a business?!"


With Reggie Calhoun Jr. and his Conglomerate of teachings and services, you're sure to learn from some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs in today's time.  

   Taking on the approach of traditional education, with the expertise of practicality. You will receive the best of both worlds. Learning skills in a structured way in the fields of:

  • Idea Generation- students will discover the problems they are passionate about solving.


  • Real Customer Interviews- gain the confidence to talk to real customers.

  • Financial Modeling - Students learn about Revenue Modeling, Pricing and how to make their Business Model financially sustainable.

  • Business Model Validation-Students build, launch and analyze the results of their experiments to validate their Business Model.

Engaging Background Reading For Students on Many Entrepreneurial Subject

Students will Get Out in to the Real World

  1. Finance

  2. Social Entrepreneur

  3. Family Business

  4. Creativity 

  5. Business Credit and Formation

  6. Revenue Modeling

  7. And more.....

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Reggie Calhoun jr.

 Reggie Calhoun, Founder & President of RPA College™, reigns at the helm of the esteemed private post-secondary institution. Understanding that to whom much is given, much is required, the New Orleans native has dedicated his life to a career of service, driven by a pursuit of purpose. Calhoun, a champion of uplift, perseverance, scholarship, and servitude, shares his passion to help elevate those around him.


a world traveler, visiting and establishing entrepreneurial connections in 3 countries all in 2021. 

Award winning entrepreneur:

  • 2018 Forbes Fellow

  • Hennessy community leader award

  • best of black dallas- top educator

  • university of texas-arlington shining star award international advocate